Český Krumlov

A UNESCO Heritage Site

Views From The Riverside and The Castle
A riverside restaurant gives good views.
The river has several weirs and is popular for canoeing.

<!--[+title+]-->The River Vltava<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Part of the Old Town<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Church of St. Jost<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->The Old Town<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->The Catle from the riverside<!--[-title-]-->

The Castle Entrance
The Bear Pit in the moat guards the entrance

<!--[+title+]-->Steps Up To The Castle<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->The Bear Pit<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Another Look At The Bear Pit<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Two Bears Live In The Bear Pit<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Entrance To The Castle<!--[-title-]-->

The First Courtyard
From here you get into the tower, too.

<!--[+title+]-->The First Courtyard<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Another View of the Courtyard<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->A Detail of the Painting<!--[-title-]-->

To The Second Courtyard
Note the wonderful painting on the walls

<!--[+title+]-->Passage To The Next Courtyard<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->In The Next Courtyard<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Second Courtyard<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->The Wall In The Second Courtyard<!--[-title-]-->

Most Na Plašti
The bridge is amazing.

<!--[+title+]-->This Way To The Bridge<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->The Bridge<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->The Bridge Again<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Spectacular Most na Plašti<!--[-title-]-->

This Way To The Gardens

<!--[+title+]-->View of the Town From the Bridge<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->This Way To The Gardens<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Sundial and Painted Window<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Cascading Fountain<!--[-title-]--> <!--[+title+]-->Back To The Bridge<!--[-title-]-->

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